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Al Axy – U Make Me Sick lyrics

I can't go back to this place
'Cause I won't live a life like this
And every time you are with me
You look at me like I was a freak
You keep pulling me down, I wake
I'm driving all of my enemies away

You make me sick, I hate the way you talk to me...
It seems like you are trying to breathe tons of shit into my face
I won't live a life like this, I'm not so stupid to believe
That innocence last longer than we're ready to pay
It makes me sick, I hate the way you look at me...
No matter what you'll ask me for, I will say no, the time has changed
Your life is just another lie, how can somebody act so shy?
I am not the toy that brings the only joy in your life

In your life...
They joy...
In your life...

You would take me anywhere
Like I was your dirty teddy bear
If you could benefit from me
That's obvious for me to see
You keep pulling me down, I wake
I'm driving all of these memories away

Repeat chorus

Is it really that hard to understand?
Yes it is, yes it is, there you go, baby
Will you ever stop fooling around?
No you won't, no you won't, you're driving us crazy
Get out of my life, that's my last will
Get out, get out, get out

Repeat chorus

In your life...
In your life...

I don't feel like it
I'm not playing
I don't feel like it
I'm not giving
You make you me so sick, sick, sick
Why don't you get-get-get it?

You lied to me so many times
No doubt that you have lost your mind
You can't live without making stress
You're the reason for my sleeplessness

You kept pulling me down, I've woken (I've woken)
I've wiped away all your fantasies
The broken
Broken, I'm leaving
You make me so sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick

Repeat chorus

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