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Pretty, if the sun won't shine
I'll be coming up to meet you, I'll be there to make you mine
Pretty, if the rain will pour
I'll be knocking at your window, I'll be begging you for more

It's as if you've come along too soon
Now I'm trying to fit you in but I can't seem to find the room
Cutie, if it all falls through
We can piece it back together, I can learn to trust you too

You're just, too good, to lose and I can't refuse
So don't make me choose between the two
I'm fed up in here in my atmosphere
Don't you know who you are?
You're my shooting star

Pretty, teach me wrong from right
Cause in life there are no answers and in life there is no right
Pretty, if the sun won't shine
Now you've come this far to meet me and I know, I know you're mine

You're just, too good, to lose and I can't refuse
So don't make me choose between the two
I'm fed up in here in my atmosphere
Don't you know who you are?
You're my shooting star

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  • tassan
    tassanFeb 6, 2009 at 5:10 pm
    need to choose between two things himself and love he can't lose on love but, trap in his own mind "I'm trying to fit you in but I can't seem to find the room" He needs to gain her trust "I can learn to trust you too" Just need you to wait for him to know you won't leave but he does love her she's his"shooting star"
    :) < this what I think>
  • s
    someonesshootingstarDec 18, 2010 at 3:52 pm
    My relating; My bf gave me this song to listen to. I reside in the US, and he in the UK. If you relate everything to the complications of an unexpected, long distance love, it all adds up in a more literal way. ^^
  • s
    someonesshootingstarDec 18, 2010 at 3:43 pm
    Some of my thoughts on this song; I think its primarily an earnest attempt to show who she is in his life. He goes over the likely adversities and possibilities, "if the sun wont shine..." etc. Saying none of that will matter and he will still adore her in every way and will be back for more of her.
    "its as if youve come too soon..."etc I always feel people take this as her being in the way of another in his life is a bit too literal. I think he just means he was unprepared to have anyone in his life at this time, and now he is going to do everything he can to make room for her. Even if the room isnt found.
    "if it all falls through," I think this is him addressing her fear that their adversities will win over, saying they will piece it together and learn to trust each other so nothing can get in the way.
    As I mentioned a lot of people feel he is choosing between the girl and a current gf, I dont think thats the case at all. I think the choice he is between is meant to be vague, only the girl would know what it is (and this way listeners can relate it to their own lives). There may be a need for change in his life to have her, and he doesnt want to be made to choose because he knows shell always be the once he'll want, hence, "dont you know who you are, youre my shooting star" Her being his shooting star is like she is his only wish.
    "fed up in here in my atmosphere/dont you know who you are.." etc His atmosphere would be his surroundings, his life in general, and her being his shooting star indicates in that dull atmosphere, she is the brilliant star that comes shooting through his life unexpectedly, making everything brighter and better, just as a shooting star does to our atmosphere.
    Throughout the song I notice an overall theme of him going to find him. One could say they are star-crossed lovers.
    When hes gone so far to be with him, his doubts could be ceased and shell be his indefinitely.
    "youre just, too good to lose and I cant refuse" This line is pretty obv to me that he would never want to lose her and he'll do whatever is needed to be with her and give her what she wants/needs.
    Thats everything I can give without relating myself. Ill put my own personal relation below. ;P
  • b
    bunnies-are-scary-975Jan 2, 2010 at 3:57 am
    i've got one word;; WOW. now, i've got two words;; WOW WOW. and so on.

    i just 'discovered' the song lately and it made me think;; what, such a good song, yet not many people know :O

    one of my favooriteee songs, it's very meaningful, and i really like the lyrics and of course, the tune; the rhythm; well, THE SONG is like, b-b-bamm, it hits me in the face; it's REALLY good i enjoyed it :D XXX

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