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8-bit – Jerry Juice lyrics

Shake your body as you move across the dance floor.
I'm hot and bothered while you're shakin' on your groove thang.
Your Jerry-curl juice is making me slip and slide.
I did the hustle and I almost took a dive.

Jerry juice, Jerry juice.
Jerry juice, Jerry juice.
On the dance floor.
Jerry juice, Jerry juice.
Jerry juice, Jerry juice.
On the dance floor.

You take me home and you're looking to make a score.
You left the grease on the handle of my door.
Just wait a minute 'til I get out the plastic sheets
And use the oil of your head to cook something to eat.

Jerry juice, Jerry juice.
Jerry juice, Jerry juice.
In the bedroom.
Jerry juice, Jerry juice.
Jerry juice, Jerry juice.

Woke up this afternoon with morning wood.
Put on my leopard thong 'cause I thought I should.
By the time this night's over, I'll bag a ho or six
And bring 'em back to my pad and give 'em a fat dick.

Doin' the nasty in my leather hot suit,
Hos say I look cute,
But if they knew me, they'd puke.
'Cause I'm a dirty old man
Of the slimeball type.
I feed them all kind of lies
About how I'm Mr. Right, bitch.

So now if I dump this mirror, I'm gettin' all fixed up.
Fresh can of Afro Sheen gettin' my ass lubed up,
And a jar of vaseline in a great big tub,
Puttin' chalk on my teeth and ain't wearin' a rubber.

She thinks I'm the love of her life, what she wants, cause
She'll never remember how long my shlong was.
'Cause roofies be coatin' the inner rim of her wine glass.
I thought I had it made until she turned to kick my ass.

Jerry juice, Jerry juice...

[Oh hell no!
You be coming up to me with yo greasy ass hair all up in my grill!
Shit, who the heck do you think you are?!
Shit, you all fuckin' jockin' my ass and shit!
There ain't no way you gonna get in my pants with your greasy ass do.
I wouldn't even go out with you if you drove a Bentley!
You know what I'm sayin'?
Hell naw!]

Jerry juice, Jerry juice...

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