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8-bit – Mario Iii lyrics

Anti-log can't be stopped like Bavaro from Tecmo.
I whistle Koji Kondo while you listen to techno.
I never played a game that I can't defeat.
Got Nintendo thumb while you got soars from spanking your meat.
You never stood a chance and you know that you're whack son.
I'm the first person to TKO Tyson.
Sign up for lessons, I get paid by the hour.
I should be a consultant for Nintendo Power.

I be throwing words of God, driven heathens away, gawt!
I never lose a bass 'cause my fishing rod stays hot.
Ice climbing, grabbing carrots,
Perfect timing, no demerits.
Bitch I'm a natural,
Actual factual.
I see you at the arcade,
You gettin' played.
Name the game, the time, the place,
I'll throw your ass into a maze, bitch!
You came in boasting, now you're crawling away.
You felt the wrath of the Le-Frost, Deep Blue aka.

I just cashed in a ten, and got a roll of quarters.
Won a high score on this game? Just place your order.
See my initials on the screen, they be S-T-D.
You can beat that game, but you can't beat me.
'Cause I'm an old school fool and you know I'm cool,
Because I skate all day in a backyard pool.
I did a burnt and a handplant and got some air,
And did a big old grab while they sat and stared.

I can beat Shadowgate in 22 minutes
Without ever kicking the bucket once.
I can kick anybody's butt in MKIII
And that goes for all you chumps.
I can drink a whole bottle of whiskey
And straight up conquer Ninja Gaiden II.
I'm the master of 2-D fighting games
And you a Tetris playing fool.
I can kill Rygar in ten to twelve hits,
Because I know how to build my tone.
Don't need no password for Castlevania 2
Because I'm straight falling into the zone.
Get all the items I need, while I'm smoking some weed
Because it's all second nature to me.
Just like driving a car, I hit the dragon with a star
And grab the talisman; follow my lead.

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