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47 Miller Gang – If You Blood Throw It Up lyrics

If you blood thro it up [x4]

Bz up cz down, cz up side down, bz up uptown,
Bz up downtown, cz down in btown, bz up in btown, only time I say b down wen they b tryin b down, I rep 1 4 red an I rock btown, rb back streets, stand up and breathe now, so if you blood nigga start throwin them cz down, fuck that, the whole hood start throwin them cz down, start throin them b'z up, thro rb up, back streets till you die, start rollin dat weed up, if you need sum trees that's what got re-up, we got no love for ya ass if you throwin them cz up, see around here them cz don't rock, fuck goin to tha bookin'z, around here the dz git knocked, cz we, Keep them blocks and we pop back cottles, so come to the block an watch a crab git dropped.

If you blood thro it up [x8]

Niggaz b talkin crazy till you hook off man
I stay wid tha shotgun on me, like a football playa That is so gangsta, wen they wid they crew, I swear a folk by himself wen he took off man..
What? What he gon do? What? What he gon do? Nuttin he frontin until we roll up wid them chevy's dumpin, im'a pimp nigga, I take the wife from the husband, if you aint knockin you buggin, n suttins gon be wutchu bumpin...uh...
Convorsation is all of the suttin, and I think these faggots is the one's to blame, I putta a slug n ya brain, juss to pop ya chain, 5z up, 6 down, bz up in ctown, nigga any folks in this club, they betta leave now, b/c thes homies outside n they holdin them clips round, wen they seein them blue flags, itz gittin clipped down, b/c that's how we do It... in blood town

If you blood thro it up [x8]

Yo, Ayo
I got bloods in manhattan like taxi cabs, I don't eat sea food, so fuck them crabs, I got homies on the set that bust @ crabs, I got homies in muh set that bust at crabs, so, thro ya flags up n rep yo set, I sed, thro ya flags up n rep yo set, uh, 5 wz poppin 6 wz droppin dnt stop squeezin till the dz start knockin, I be da B to da L to da double O D Y, T-A-Z, now yall can all see why, I repsected in the hood, cz I stay fly, gangsta to da bone, now let them slugs fly, blood till I die, an I rep that eastside, wishes poppin to muh big homie known as eas-side, if its me put in the heat, you cn take mine, I gotcha back homie, like in the war... Its crunch time

If you blood thro it up [x8]

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