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3Kz – Pants Hang Low lyrics


I know you rock yo air forces but I really wanna know
Do you tie em' in a knot?
Do you tie em' in a bow?
When you wear yo white tee
Do they almost hit da flo'?
Do yo pants hang low?

Yo shawty!
Yo I really wanna know... Yeeeah
Do you tie em' in a bow?
When you wear yo white tee
Do they almost hit da flo'?
Do yo pants hang low?
Uh, yeeeah
Uh, yeeeah

Verse 1:
Its Summer Time
White Tees, White Beaters
And you gotta look good
So you cut yo ice beamin'
Findin' ya dirt white boy
You know da true meanin'
Whatever look fiest boy
You know dat you was schemin
Da hottest??? Shade, butter brown
(butter brown)
??? Many colors like cra-youn (crayon)
You got da buzz
You da hottest thang in town
Over South
White Tee
With ya pants hanging down

(Yeah My Pants Low)

Verse 2:
I know you rock yo white tee, ree tims, fitted cap, jersey down to yo knees, braids going to da back..... Yeah
I'm likin' dat
Yo, ya mom'z give ya black fishbones, lookin' tight, yo this dude I'm bout to catch
Matter of fact
Got'cha style down pack
So you rock a button-up
When you know you bout to mack
Got'cha color way camper, beneath ya hat
And you gotta keep it tight so yo braids can stay intact
Pants hanging low and baggin from back to back
??? You thinkin' you all dat
Black, puerto rican or white boy its a wrap
???? Catch a eye contact


Verse 3:
I know you rock it when you rock boooy
I know you let pants drop like its no flaw
I'm representin all dem down south gutta boys
Those make the most noise
Stay on the block when its hot like dey hot boys
Dem air forces you rockin em all day
Keep it crunk you know you can party
You wanna holla you callin out shawtay!
Braid tight, 2 stripe, you sayin its on me
Dem laid back boys not too bold
Long johns for there shirts when the weather gets cold
Rather the summer, let the truth be told
Dats when all the fly brothers get dey boys and roll..... Woah
Southern boys can frown, but they frontin anywhere
Lookin good in whatever dey wanna wear
White tee you know dey don't care
Cuz they not wearin dey shirts, they throwin in da air!

Do ya, Do ya, Do ya pants hang low? (yeah dats my shorty)
Do ya, Do ya pants hang low?(girl, you da finest thang on da block)
Do ya, Do ya pants hang low?
Well how low do you want them to go?

Chorus x2

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