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Hey Nate you know you got to focus on this m**********are
We's gonna talk about these scandalous hoes
I can talk about scandalous b*****s
Oh I know you can!
I know you that's why we gonna do it
Daz on the beat
Hey Daz, n***a stop fuckin around with the piano n***a
Just drop that s**t like uhh, this here

I met you through my homie now you act like you don't know me
So disappointed cause baby that s**t was so phony
It's not for me, you see no lovin from my closest homies
Woulda paid you no mind, but baby you was all up on me
While you proceed with precision, you had the table hosed
No, I ain't mad at you baby, go 'head and play them fools
They chose not to listen, so now he stuck inside his house
And can't leave without his b***h permission
The mission's to be a playa, my alias is Boss
Drop a top on these jealous ni***z, playa let me floss
Y'all don't wanna see me in pain
I'll leave that a** like Toni Braxton, "Never breathing again"
It's scandalous, I never liked your back stabbin a**, triiick
Used to watch you money grabbin, who you baggin beeyitch?
Ready to bust, in the city you don't know who to trust
But b*****s lookin scandalous

[Chorus: Nate Dogg]

Scandalous.. She's so scandalous, she's so scandalous
She's so scandalous.. She's so scandalous, she's so scandalous
Scandalous.. She's so scandalous, she's so scandalous
She's so scandalous.. She's so scandalous, she's so scandalous

How's it hangin? Cause baby from the back the s**t is bangin
I've been stressin in this ghetto game, tryin to do my thang
Won't be no bullshit, no a**-kissin
This bitch'll have ya wakin up with all your cash missin
I'm askin, as if I'm qualified to analyze
You're lookin at a b***h who specialize in tellin lies
She got a body make a m**********are fantasize
Her face ain't never she'd a tear through them scandalous eyes
My sister? In poverty
Plus I knew she was a freak b***h so why should it bother me?
I'd probably be sprung, addicted to the heat of her tongue
And though I don't where we're goin, she's makin me come
I've been trained as a boss playa, so what you sayin?
Let me show you, got some hookers we can toss later
Before I let her get me off guard
Went in the purse took a hundred dollars
N***a I'm so scandalous


Dangerous and ambitious, while schemin on gettin riches
I'm spittin at tricks cause I'm addicted to pretty b*****s
Currency motivated, not easily terminated
Now that we made it, my ni***z can never be faded
This is my prophecy -- I gotta be paid
All you cowards that try to stop me is beggin for early graves
I thought we was cool, I was a fool, thinkin you could be true
When I don't f**k with your punk crew
These are the tales for my ni***z doin time in the cell
I went from hell, to livin well
Bustin at ni***z who said my name in vain
I got no time for them tricks, I'm heavy in the game
I wanna be a baller, please
But the b*****s and the liquor keep on callin me
I'm floatin free on the highway, formulatin plans
Can't wait til I see L. A., cause it's so scandalous


[Chorus repeat to end (2Pac speaks over it)]

Aiyyo.. How the prettiest b***h be the more scandalous the hoe be
You ever peep that s**t? (Nah)
A b***h can be like fifteen, fuckin with a n***a 35
Gettin him for ends
Hoes these days is way too motherfuckin intelligent
When these ni***z get to trickin, hahaha, it's over then
That's aight though
Keep a n***a heavy in the game, bout so long
Watch them hoes
All you ni***z out there
Beware these lyin a** scandalous b*****s

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