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2Pac – Die lyrics


Murderous mindstate
Can't keep my nine straight
Sippin' on this hennessey
Waitin' for the time to break
Show up and mothafuckas bow down... Recognize
West Side, Death Row, outlaw riders
Untouchable mob of pistol packers
Well known felons labeled for drug sellin' merciless jackers
Forever buzzed
Roll with thugs and dawgs
Commence to lettin' off rounds
Then escape in the fog
Who wanna see me solo?
Catch Makaveli while he's sleepin'
My mini-14 murderin' niggas while they creepin'
Duck or you ass out!
Drink 'til you pass out!
Ain't scared to die
Drunk drivin' in my Glasshouse
Niggas is under me
They bitches come to me
They heard the stories nigga
Now they wanna really see
Bomb first, my motto... Is fully guaranteed
Niggas is playahatas
Label them my enemies then dumpin'...

Look out young nigga!
'Cause it's time to dump
I'm versitile mothafuckas
What type of rhyme we want?
Niggas got me in they sight
Now I'm runnin' for my life
Tell me!...
What's that... West Side like?...

I'm dumpin'
Empty my gun
It's time to run
'Cause here come the cops
I'll be duckin' 'em for blocks
Nigga I'm dumpin'
Empty my clip
Forever bustin'
East Coast nigga rushin'
Mothafucka I'll be dumpin'...

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