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116 Clique

Man Up Anthem lyrics

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116 Clique – Man Up Anthem lyrics

Man up!

Momma want some more Obama in me the hood want pac hip hop wanna see the
Common in me. And since this a senseless contradiction I end up a misfit tryina fit In. This ends when I stand up and see the hands of the standard: holy is
The lamb huh(holy is the lamb) Now we holding you to man up cause we were made
In his image start looking at what you came from.

Right after Adam every atom in our anatomy had to make adamant after what
Adonai is against. Let me take you back to the tree in Eden, if you read it you'll see that eve was deceived but Adam is the one who let it in.(Man up) Standing Leading no, we ain't leading we (Bump that) Basically little boys with
Muscles and a mustache! The femininity, we need a remedy, the God-Man, a
100 percent (strength) masculinity

Trip Lee:
Where the men at, seems like they all lost, none of them are on the scene,
Seems like they died off. They extinct but my dream is to rise up, we
Chasing the prize of the King the divine boss, but we fell away, now we
Ungodly  we lose and we really got the blues like Navi, I wanna celebrate the dudes that's beside me fellas lets elevate we through with the lobby

Go ahead I say boy Get your shine on. And if a sucker try to block you get your 9 home and
What I heard you gotta do to be a man now, stand up for yourself so I took
It in my hands now. And that's the problem man we busy trying to solve it
All the while we walking dead man somebody bring the coffin, voice drop
Peach fuzz now you think that your a man cause you feeling yourself you
Need to man up!

Sho Baraka:
S** and models, and tipping bottles back a pile of excuses right next to
Your bottle caps. A rolodex filled with names that you aim to
Please next to the stack of money, building up a heart of greed. Ice on his
Neck give the jokers a cold shoulder, you drunk off pride plus you loving
The hangover. You gotta whole lotta stuff that won't amount to gain life
Will never make sense cause you never made change

You got it Twisted sick like a fever, little man live to stack dough
Keebler. Man up! Get up out of the treehouse leave the cookies alone it's
Time to eat meat now. Trying to show you a new way to live now, no charge
You can call it a freestyle. Without Christ you know how your man is, you
A boy in a mans body like Tom Hanks in big.

Andy Mineo:
Being a man got nothing to do with age. You can be a boy till the day you
Lay in your grave. None of us behave like the image of who were made, cause
We've fallen away it's better known as depraved. Running from
Responsibility really we crave the easy way out of places that call us to
Pull our weight. Man there going through everyday decisions are made,
Responding to the call God's giving em from the...

Man Up!
Let the process begin, separate the boys from the men
Man Up!
It-it-it don't matter how you started, partner, it's about how you end
Man Up!
Jesus is the model follow us we gon' follow him
Man Up!  
We-we the last of a dying breed it's time that we

Man up!  

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  • u
    Man up is a great song. I am so proud of those who helped to make this song. We cannot expect to man up on our own, we need constant help from god. To man up we must know god's word and then daily decide to live for his glory.
    Falling into temptation is easy, taking the short cut is easy. Make up your mind to daily surrender to god and he will give you the strength, wisdom and courage to obey his word. No more susceptibility to the easy way out. Man up.
  • u
    I'm truly blessed and challenged by this song as a young man growing up to take up the mantle and play my part in changing society for the better. Every man needs to listen to this song! If every man really listened to this song and looked into himself, I believe the world woulsd start making a positive step into how we define our expectations and roles of men in societ. 116clique excellent job! Continue to allow the lord to inspire and use you. I've been blessed.
    -chadwic mears.
  • u
    Well as appreciation to the song, its true people should stop thinkng for the moment and start to ask themsleves what god has planned for them, some of us teenagers are now living a life against what god wants and this life is influenced by the music which is ciculating out there, we are being tought to murder each other, fornicate, insult, drink, smoke, and its all being put in a way that you feel its good to sin when its not, but I very much thank god for raising wongerful gospel rappers who will tell us the truth and preach through their song the real life and spread the word of god. Thnak you again to evry gospel rapper godbless you and make all your songs hits all over the world.
  • u
    Lecrae: everybody has a idea of what you should be but more important is what god mad you to be! Kb: ever since the beginning of man the men of god have been going for whatever and it's time to stand for christ! Trip lee: there were godly men who showed us the way and it seems there are no more, now is the time to join up and man up! Tedashii: there's more to being a man than just being of legal adult age, there's a call on the men of god and we should walk it: maturity in the spirit! Sho baraka: before christ there things that put 1st in our lives, being in christ even old men our new creatures! Pro: stop worrying about the little things that the world would put before you, a man of god would choose christ before silver and gold
    andy mineo: life is hard, the life of a christian is even harder! Men of god "man up" and persevere in christ!
  • u
    All of us who read this really do need to man up. We can't go chasing after money and girls, w got to go chasing after christ and his word. We can't eat cookies and drink milk, we got to eat some real meat. Dig into god's word, and you will find everything that you need. Don't just stop there; take it to the rest of the world and let them know why you're a real man!

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