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Candlebox is a Post-Grunge band from Seattle, Washington. Formed in December 1991, they originally named the band Uncle Duke; they later changed the name as a tribute to a Midnight Oil song. They were sometimes looked down upon by grunge fans for their style, which was considered by many to be a derivative version of true grunge, and their commercial success a result of it. Despite this, the band played the Seattle club circuit during the early 1990s to many of the same fans who had supported many of the bands that had come immediately before them. The members did not consider Candlebox to be a grunge band however; they viewed themselves as a rock and roll band more than anything and their style reflected that. Nevertheless, Candlebox had sold more than 4 million copies of their self-titled debut which, after many months of gaining momentum peaked at number 7 on Billboard's album charts. The follow up album, Lucy, was certified gold in 1996. Candlebox was the first successful act on Madonna's Maverick Records, which went on to sign Alanis Morissette, Deftones, and The Prodigy.