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Aleyna Tilki

Aleyna Tilki (born 28 March 2000) is a Turkish singer. Tilki was a semi-finalist on the sixth season of Yetenek Sizsiniz Türkiye (Turkish version of the Got Talent series). She caught public attention because of her Gesi Bağları cover on the show. She achieved national recognition after the release of her song "Cevapsız Çınlama" along with its music video, which has more than 430 million views on YouTube. It is considered the most viewed Turkish music video on YouTube. The song went up to No. 2 on the Turkey's Trending List. Aleyna Tilki released her first solo single "Sen Olsan Bari" in July 2017 which became number 1 in Turkey's charts. The music video currently has over 390 million views on YouTube. During the first months of her career, Tilki took stage at alcohol-serving venues which brought criticism from the government due to her being under age. During her concert in Diyarbakır in November 2016, two hand-made sound bombs were exploded in the venue.

Aleyna Tilki


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