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Pain In My Heart lyrics

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Zoo – Pain In My Heart lyrics

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  • l
    2 be hurt is juz a part in a person hu knows how 2 love oders. Though its really complicated 2 fil lyk this & most dat I've known are tryng 2 runaway juz 2 escape from this so calld "lovehurt". 4 me I've bin hurt4 so mny times and uncounted hurtfeelings wen I fel inlove. I know dat I'm not dat strong enough 2 manage this hard filings evrytime I gt hurt. D only thing dat I can b proud of is dat in d end, hnd aq ung nasaktan ng 2do kundi cla. Coz dey juz realized he love me so much wen I strted pulling away my self from him sa rasong xa dn ang naunang lumayo sakin. So my victory is still mine and I juz smile evrytime I hear this song becoz if I'm gonna cry I'm juz wasting my tears 4 a person hu doesn't deserve my priceless tears. Kung cno man ang dumaan sakin I juz simpy treasure d gud memories rader dan d saddest thing dat happend. Guys don't let ur eyes cry 4 a person hu doesn't love you enough. Learn how 2 b strong even oys saying dat wer weak. Prove 2 dem dat wer not like dat. If boys can make us cry, we can also make dem cry a lot. Don't love 2 much if you don't want 2 be a loser in d end.
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  • l
    It's just so happened that two hearts are not meant for each other. Although they we're both in love. That's what you call love, If you love someone, set him free. If he come's back, he is yours but if not, you're not meant for each other. That was the reality of loving someone. But it depends on you, if you want to fight for love! You face all the consequences of being in love.
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  • u
    It's hard to mend the scar in our hearts but we have to let go. Just cherish the happy permanent memories and whatever makes it bitter, it adds color to it. So sometimes, let it hurt for a while but don't embrace the darkness. Life offers a lot of good things, we just have to be courageous and a risk taker. It has happened to me. I am the song for now. (all lines, it happened to me. So I know.)
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  • e
    Its really so sad to be alone. Its really so sad to be left by someone else. But mas worst pag nlman mo n iniwan k nya khit love k p nya. Mhirap man pero kailngan I accept the fact n tlagang there's no chance n para ibalik ang past. But the reality is that we need to move on. Mahirap but we need to do so. There's more nice things that might happen in ur life if you go on. Ganun tlga. Wala n tlga taung maga2wa para iblik ang past. Just go on. And you will find your happiness sooner.
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  • s
    Grabe ang sakit pala ng gn2. Yeah I admit ngkamali ako. Pero it's to late. Kahit n anong gawin koh ndi ko n maibabalik ung dati. Dahil sa ginawa ko ang dami nawala sakin lahat laht, my family, even my own son nawala just bcoz on what I've done. Iv'e tried to please her but ayaw n niya. Ang sakit sobra. I didn't think about all the instances that might happen. Ang tanga koh! Guyz be good. Mahirap mawalan ng minamahal. Kung anong meron kayo ngaun. Alagaan nio mabuti. Mahalin ng buo. Tanggapin nyo kung ano sila. That's it! I hope maayos toh.
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