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Zebrahead – Born To Lose lyrics

Cause I lie like a bandit, punks can't stand it,
I can arm wrestle and roll and joint left handed

Later to the hater, brown Darth Vader,
Kick a Tre Flip, Make money like a skater

Double down aces, melt your faces,
I'm out of this world just like outer space is

Always been a quitter, tweet it on twitter,
My breath stinks cuz I'm a bullshitter

They say I live my life too fast, they call me an outcast
Borrowed time and they say that it won't last
Misunderstood, there goes the neighbourhood
Couldn't win even if I should

Cause I've got a bad reputation
Born to lose in a dying generation
Whoa-Oh I'm lost in translation
I can't win cause I was born to lose
Born to lose

Got my train of thought rapid, some say vapid,
Pole position you then come round, lap it

Burnin' ya lazer, shock ya like a taser,
Stab ya in the back-a dirt bag trailblzer

A no good liar, high like a flyer
I'm a Les Paul, callin' you a Squire

Acting like I'm better, take go-getter,
Start the slow clap as I take a fuckin' header

They say I am a reject, they call me a defect
Wasted time, I'm the cause and the effect
Misunderstood, there goes the neighbourhood
Couldn't win even if I should

(Chorus x3)

It doesn't matter what I do (x2)
I can't win cause I was born to lose
Yeah, Born to lose
Born to lose (x2)

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