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Young Jeezy – Trap Files lyrics

I was chillin n da hood should I say da Trap
Niggas lookin 4 da work n know exactly where I'm at
Posted up I'm chillin stackin 2 da ceillin
Tryna figure out da fastest way grind up on a million
In a dope fein jacket she know dat I'm da man
Gotta in come tax check N she spent 3 grand
Keepa str8 shoota da girl got it bad
Caught her n da backyard breakin down brillo pads
Don't be cursin at my grandma watch ya mufuckin mouth
See me n da street don't be cumin 2 her house
There go robin ass Carlos I pay him no mind
Last nigga tried 2 get shot his ass 4x
Keep my ears 2 da street heard thru da grapevine
Him and dem niggas steady runnin with plottin on mine
Get how a live yea I'm ready 4 da static
50 round clip n it's fully automatic
Fresh outta work so I'm baggin up mo'
Til' my lil cousin told me dat my P. O. At da doe
Ain't this boutta bitch
Hit da corner burnin
Curfews at 9 n it's only 7: 30
So now I'm at my aunt's house I need 2 use da kitchen
No matta what I give her she be mufuckin trippin
She ask 4 800 hundred I gave her what I got
My shit ain't where I put who been fuckin with my pot?
She said nobody
I said I can't tell she said it's over there witcha' bags an ya' scale
Gotta H-Town plate first thing n da moanin'
Headed 2 his front doe b4 da nigga start yawnin'

I'm talkin Trap files
Trap files
I'm talkin trap files
Trap files
I'm talkin trap files

I was cillin n da hood should I say da trap
Niggas lookin 4 da work n kno exactly where I'm at
Posted up chillin stackin 2 da ceillin
Tryna figure out da fastest way grind up on a million
Heard this nigga buyin' cars man this mufucka krazi
All this playin phone tag nigga fuck you pay me
Get smash like potatoes 4 thinkin shit gravy
1 phone call il' have his whole body lazy
Plotican with da hommies all convicted felons
Been 2 prison 6x n ain't shit dat you can tellem'
And he rite back at it
Touchdown n December nigga dam near folded still I had 2 gang member First
A nigga skool dem
Den I roll da dice went I tell da folks shit I need dem n my life
So now I'm pickin up my money
Tuck my pistol n my pants bet him 20/20 mo'
So I left it like a grand
Dope game bitch you can play if you wanna
Heard da feds snatch lil Tony dem' frum round da corner
Heard da nigga got caught with 2 bricks and a lima
Even picked up his girl n den they came n got his momma'
Gotta motor y tap shuda' heard it n his tone
This crack dummy ass nigga talkin reckless on da phone


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