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Ylvis – The Fox lyrics

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Corrected byPranali Rekhawar


  • u
    Ylvis is apparently clueless about what a fox says. So he writes an awesome song that sounds epic and has annoying 5th grade boys blurting lyrics out every 5 seconds. Don't get me wrong, I love this song. It's just that the video is. Questionable. The lyrics are easy to remember, so annoying kids are belting them out all the time and not being respectful to other people's ears. On the plus side, the song is awesome! Ylvis is awesome! His voice is awesome! Despite it's weirdness, the video I also awesome! Yolo, peace out, and goodbye peeps! -marry oli
    (p. S. For those who don't know a fox actually makes a strange barking sound not quite like a dogs.)
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  • j
    What it means really is just talking about animals but my brother loves. This song and so does my three sisters we all love it even people in. My class as soon as I heard it in the weekend and then when I got back to school every body starts to sing it but it is kind of getting annoying because I hear heaps of people sing it all the time, there is like at least one person singing it each day so basically it's literally stuck in my head and now I can't stop singing it. So it's like when I sing it my brother.
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