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Ya Boy – I Run The Bay lyrics

I get money, money I got (yup)
Stunts call me honey if they feel real hot
(Yea they do)
I get money, money I got (that's right)
Stunts call me honey if they feel real hot
[Ya Boy:]
I get money, I-I get money I-I get money (tell em)
I get I get (What I get nigga?) I get I get money
Money I got
I-I get money, money I got
I-I get money (yea, they gotta feel me)
Money, money, money I got
(Haters do what the fuck you do nigga)
I run the baayy!

[Verse 1:]
Ay, I'm Montana in his prime
Hammer on my side
Term said I need a bandana when I ride
K in the bushes, cannon in the ride
Gotta stay strapped, simple that's the way that I survive
Rush a nigga fast, like Sapp off the line
Then know off his mask when I clap off the nine
Niggaz in the hood gimme that off my grind
And hoes in Hollywood gimme head off my shine
I turn them hoes around, lemme hit it from behind
Then I put that long, black, Bay shit in they spine
Rappers always say that fake shit in they rhymes
They aint sold no dope, they aint clutched no nines
I'm like a parkin meter how I touch those dimes
And quarters, I have ya orders
On time
Got the best flow in the west to this day
It's gon' stay that way
Ask around, I run the Bay

I run the Bay
I run the Bay
Wh-what's good la
I run the Bay
Ya bitch know I run the bay
Ya momma know I run the bay
Wh-what's good la

[Verse 2:]
Shout out to Troy Carter, lets get this dough
There aint another nigga that can spit this flow
There aint a younger nigga with chips this long
So I play with cars like I'm six years old
I need my bread and my biscuits hoe
I fry these niggaz, I got a fishstick flow
Ya Boy is dope, ya betta sniff this blow
And if ya broke you betta fix it hoe
Call me the bus, you missed it hoe
You can kiss my ass with yo lipstick on
Look good, Ya Boy throw that slick shit on
Did it for the nookie, like Limp Bizkits song
Made her sip this Trone, lick this bone
And after I hit it I'm gone
No lie, hop in the Astin
Wave while I'm passin
Puffin on that big bubba kush while I'm chantin

(I get money)
I run the Bay
Ya bitch know I run the Bay
Wh-what's good la
I said ya bitch know I run the bay
Ya momma know I run the bay
I run the bay
What's good La

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