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Wrestling Lyrics – Men On A Mission lyrics

We're Men.. Men on a Mission (yea yea)
Are You Readyyyyyyyyy??
We're Men.. Men on a Mission
(here we go we in the house)
Men Men Men Men are on a Mission
Bam Bang Boom here we go
Do it like this you got to all know
Oscar Mable and Moe
Yo were in the house we're ready soo
Men on a Mission over heree
Treating like this oppposition
You better have fear
Do it like this we got your ignition
Whos in the house its Men on a Mission!!
We're Men.. Men on a Mission
Yea Men on a Mission and we're in the Houseee
We're Men.. Men on a Mission
Men on a Mission show ya what its all about
We're Men... (huh) (ha) (Yea) (Bang) (Boom)
(Mabel - Men on a Mission)
Men Men On a Mission
Got my man his name is Moe
Moe's in the ring and he wants you to know
Moe? Yeah? Ready to slam
Do it like this he goes wham bam
All around the ring hes drop kicking
He's like a bomb that's tock tock ticking (Boom)
Do it liek this. Don't cha all know
Step up to my main man moe (yes)
We're Men.. Men on a Mission
Men on a Mission were the Men on a Mission
Here we go here we go here we here we here we go
We're Men...
(Mabel - Men on a Mission) (Whoo) (Ahh) (ohh) (yeah yea)
Got my boy he's willing and able
What's his name?
His name is mabel!
M to the A to the B - E - L
He gets ready at the sound of the bell
Slamming vagueing yeah doing
Do it liek this hes not boo hooing
Do it like this yo tock tick
But kill that dropping a spin kick
We're Men.. Men on a Mission
That's with mabel with the 1 2
We're Men.. Men on a Mission
Nobody did a Mission like Men on a Mission

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