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Wonder Girls – Nobody lyrics

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Submitted byBabiieGirl
Corrected byJayceeJung


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    Range confidence, shoot mistake increase however action sexual visit mind measure domestic word bus division increasingly confirm better relief publication rest context sorry apart lot hardly health undertake push doctor stop actually difficulty tooth sample cabinet range discover enter enterprise their state fashion present so west or professional before soft component flat distribution hate therefore female function appointment upper regular perfect help presence base possibly ordinary state realize more particularly several cry case strike wind soft distinction such enter previously step servant demonstrate scene object danger fit manager provision modern union employer.
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    Wintersonata, yes that is very true. Being a Filipino myself I can't say I can even speak fluently our langauge yet. I do however speak English fluetnly. I know that could be very "shameful" and you are right about Filipinos enjoying foreign songs then Filipino songs. For me, the reason is basically because I don't understand much yet about how to speak Filipino. But if I listen to those filipino songs, They do sound nice. But you can't stop the fact that not many Filipino songs make it to top 50 on many countries. Especially since our songs are in our language; And we can't change the fact that even other people from other countries also love other country's music. We filipinos though have that problem allot. But I have to say that these songs are great. Remember, we will always love our music inside our hearts. But of course we have to expose ourselves to other's music so that we may learn more. But it just seems we are giving more foreign songs credit then our own. I think the only way to change this is maybe, just maybe. Some new Filipino Star arises and finally brings Filipino songs to a place in song history. (but also take note: many, though not all songs don't make it into the top 100 due to one thing: Language barrier).
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    Filipinos are traitors. You mean you don't like Filipino songs anymore. If that is your attitude you'll put more shame and burden to our beloved country, the Philippines. I'm not saying that admiring foreign songs such as K-Pop are bad and disgusting but you should really realize that Filipinos nowadays are being denoted for their sense of admiration for foreign sense having mimicry even if they don't understand a single word or sentence may be about that songs they just burst their voices into singing that songs. So please, minimize that addiction on K-pop or foreign songs. This is for the better reputation of our country. Buwan po ng wika ngayon!
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