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Wiz Khalifa – Make A Play lyrics

Back to back to back to back
At your bitch ass (uh)

[Hook: Wiz Khalifa](2x)
Who trying to make a play
Who trying to make a play
Who trying to make a play
Who trying to make a play
Woke up drunk as fuck
Still high from yesterday
I'm trying to make a play
I'm trying to make a play

[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]
Woke up feeling like a star
Get it in no matter where we are
She in love with me press buttons up in my car
My weed smoke hella potent
Riding and the sunroof open
Blowing smoke out what they know about
Being bosses, taking losses
Pay the cost to fuck that bitch, who got that poke out
My money ain't slow, got more trees to roll
Got a son I love to death, I gotta see him grow
Probably the best you've seen but I be on the low
Stacking up, rolling marijuana, acting up
Bitch with me, she be bad as fuck
Bitches love it, niggas mad at us
Getting money, that's accurate
Say they want it but they can't adjust
Taylor Gang, roll a plane


[Verse 2: J.R. Donato]
Who trying to pour it(ay, ay)
Who trying to wake and bake(ay)
Taylor Gang will break the bank
Ain't got no time to contemplate
I say i'm high from yesterday
Okay i woke up on the mud
I think i ate a 8th of shrums
Keep OG Kush up in my lungs(whoa)
Your hoe will come with us(ay)
Cause she know we brought the drugs(ay)
And she looking for some love(ay)
But let's keep that on the hush(whoa)
It's hard to find some trust
Some say it's hard to fuck with us
That's cause we be on different shit
Bitch i might pour six up in my Crush
Ohh that's super super much
And it's joining super clutch
Got 5 more just for you to stuff
Send parents to the store for ice and cups
I swear they never frighten us
Hell yeah we always lighting up
Put that pussy on the plate it's fresh for lunch
And i pour another 8th to level up
Probably rolling up


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