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Willie Nelson – City Of New Orleans lyrics

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    The real "railroad", I mean the "long haul railroad for passengers', is passing into the american history books. The cabooses are long gone. The dispatching towers are gone, given way to "bunkers" filled with "controllers" like the union pacific's in omaha. The original seven "majors" have combined to make mega railroad companies. This is a nostalgic song of a wonderful time in history, passenger cars with mixed freignt on their way to wherever - and passing towns that have no name, trainyards filled with old black men, and the graveyards of the rusted automobiles. Arlo guthrie loved them. Many have sung the song. And I guess, I love them too.
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    I grew up in south Louisiana with hurricanes so, when Katrina was coming in, my family and friends were deciding whether to stay or go. Just a normal day. Then the levee broke. We had been asking the Federal Government for help with repairing/improving the levees all my life but the South is still the child that rebelled and is only tolerated at occasional family gatherings. I had moved to Europe and watched Bush fly over, glance at the people on the rooftops, and fly away to take care of the oil. I was angry but I didn't cry! Not until I heard this song coming through the window. Then I wailed! I still weep for nola and all those friends that might have been. And then came Rita, which no one remembers, and that's when I lost family. But thank you, Arlo and Willie, for coming after to help and for giving me the freedom to cry.
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