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Whitechapel – Possession lyrics

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Submitted bydrip
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    I love when peopple put * like ' this should be banned' cause for one, freedom of speech, two songwriting isn't necessarily how people feel exactly, some songs, not saying this one isn't, portray the extremes of how someone might or does feel in a fit of rage or agony. Prolly the two most common emotions people face. And yes the most common people to be taken over are people who give them selves up to a being, like cristians and catholics, and you can tell cause they are the ones putting themselves out their agaist this music like they are the ultimate judge. This song hits it right on the nail and you arrogant people of faith make true to the core.
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    To the anonymous idiot that said the following: "This is unacceptable. This song should be banned. I cant even understand what would posses someone to make a song with these filthy lyrics. They need a church."
    My response, It's called Possession for a reason dipshiett, The song is basically describing how Catholics and Christians think so high of themselves to even realize what idiotic sinners they are themselves for judging everyone about their beliefs and beings. Realize what you're doing. It's people like you who are the ones who should be banned from life.
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    Okay, so I just discovered this band via a stereotype gag about what most fans look like (stoners with big holes in their earlobes) and my curiosity led me to these lyrics.
    Really, these lyrics might be dirty if taken literally, but I believe this song is about hypocrisy and conformity. This song is just how the band wants to tell its listeners that we should be the ones to control our own minds, not the evils of what society tells us we should be. Also, it says something about how we humans are creating our own demise, and how in the end, we will all just be desperate and eat our own $h! T (figuratively of course.).
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    I know this is really only for writing my meaning to the song but I just felt a little insulted by some unregistered hypocrite calling me arrogant. Um, I'm a follower of jesus christ, and I like this song? I love this type of music, and I love jesus even more. You called us the "ultimate" judge while you're judging right back. Check your own self before you point your finger so righteously.
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