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Whitechapel – Eternal Refuge lyrics

My eyes are slowly dilating pure white
Skin stretched as if about to tear
There's a wretched stench of rotting limbs
Erect I am from this smell
Pain, please end the pain
I submit to whoever is causing this pain
In a sense I enjoy the agony
Subconsciously I am aroused
(By now I should be fucking dead
But these sacred grounds I still tread
Never underestimate immortality)x2
My memory is slowly wallowing back
I have the power of possession in my hands
Becoming stronger every step that I take
I will destroy what has done this to me
Human scum will abide by my words
(This planet is doomed)x2
Pray for a savior to liberate your kind
Beg for peace
It will expire
I am here
To seal your fucking fate
Scum of the earth
You're all a fucking waste of life
Scum of the earth
You're all a fucking waste
No heretic will stop what is invincible
How could I thank you for your time
My name will forever live inside those who appreciate
The absence of light and suffering
No heretic will stop what is invincible
How could I thank you for your time
(I assure everything isn't what it seems to be)x2
Fuck your faith
Fuck your kind
Fuck your ways
Fuck your world

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    This song I a warning to all who listen and appreciate the words. The details of the person eyes and skin tell you the pain the went through to find the truth. The "pain"is life the person who is bring the pain is god and the "sacred grounds" is earth. The song is sayin that people are not what they seem they are scum we all dwell in sin so is a warning about the fasleness of people and they "whitechapel" speaks ture about life.
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