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Weird Al Yankovic – Stop Draggin' My Car Around lyrics

Had to park my car for just five minutes
I had to go inside to use the phone
When I came back again my car was gone
Well, I didn't know it was a loading zone
What a bummer, I was so brought down
I had to chase that tow truck all over town, yellin'

Stop draggin' my...
Stop draggin' my...
Stop draggin' my car around

Took my baby to the local disco
I was jumpin' like a maniac
But then the owner came and pulled me off the floor
Then he, he took me to his little office in the back
He said, "I really like your snaggletooth necklace
Your pants are groovy, and your hair's okay
But, man, that car of yours is so uncool
Like wow, I'm sorry, but we towed it away! "

Stop draggin' my...
Stop draggin' my...
Stop draggin' my car around!

Now I'm at home, I'm watchin' "Gilligan's Island"
Guess it's time to trade my old car in
For twenty dollars and my '64 Plymouth
Maybe I could get a second-hand Schwinn
Look out the window, there's tow truck in the driveway
I grabbed the driver and I asked him why
He said, "I'm sorry, kid, you're late with the payments
It's time to kiss your little car goodbye"

Stop draggin' my...
Stop draggin' my...
Stop draggin' my car around!
Stop draggin' my car around!
Listen, the check's in the mail. No, really!
Stop draggin' my car around!
Oh man, I just got the hub caps painted!
Stop draggin' my car around!
Hey! Hey, I left a sandwich in the backseat!
Stop draggin' my car around!

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