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Weezer – Pork And Beans lyrics

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Submitted byrafaelmoliv
Corrected byI_Love_Mr_Poptarts

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  • nocemisions
    I love weezer. One of my favorite bands ever.
    I think that this song is in reference to themselves as a band. They haven't changed over the years. Their style of music is unique. They are not going to change who they are or clone the music that is at the top of the charts. When they realized what they had done, they take pride in themselves. They trully don't care what anyone else thinks. Its been this long and they're still not going to jump on the band wagon.
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  • k
    Umm hey uh people who are reading this you should no the meaning if your reading the lyrics. It means to be original like weezer to be orginal hes eating candy and pork n beans to gether he likes it and its showing his orginality and hes just talking about how every one has got caught up in the new time zone and there not thinking about what makes them happy and what makes them. Its a sad world we all have fallin into, if you liston he says I'm not gonna wear the clothes that you like, all bc he is orginal and hes gonna show off his orginality. Can't any one see that? Can't any one see that every one has lost there selfs.?! Girls acting stupid just so guys think there easy, people acting like there somthing there not. Just chill man when your listion to a song it speaks to you. Theres a meaning behinde every song you just have to look between the lines
    peacee out ♥♥.
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  • u
    Right. This song is about not giving damn about what other people think. It's promoting for you to be who you are. There's a comment saying that we're not unique because we all try to be.
    Ugh, excuse me. Take a look at the teenagers in todays society. No idea what the hell it's like in other countries, but being a teenager myself in Britain, I can say that the majority of my generation are molded from each other. I, as far as I know, am the only girl who tries to be individual. Therefore, that makes me different, because I don't listen to music like Justin Bieber, or whatever is in the charts, that automatically makes me different.
    As for the meaning of this song, yeah, it's about being who you want and not giving a damn. He's saying he won't conform or compromise, which I agree with. We shouldn't have to do either to fit in with society.
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  • e
    Imjoeyokay, that is the stupidest argument I've ever heard, because its so absolutely circular that it will never hold up. See, if as you say, not conforming is conforming, then in order to not conform one must conform. Either way there's conformity going on.
    This brings us to "you are not unique". The definition of unique is "being the only one" (Merriam-Webster). So, by definition, we are in fact unique, even you, imjoeyokay, are "distinctively characteristic" (Merriam-Webster).
    So, if everyone is unique, and everyone conforms, then it becomes apparent that conformity and uniqueness are in no way related, and that you are an imbecile for assuming that they are essentially the same quality.
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  • s
    It's talking about he doesn't care what anyone, the media or a person, thinks about him. He's gonna do what he wants to do, dang it! He's finally happy with who he is ("I'm finally dandy with the me inside"), and he's just going to enjoy his life. If you don't like him eating candy with pork and beans, s***w you!
    Also, the music video for this song is just hilarious.
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