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Ween – Transdermal Celebration lyrics

Transdermal celebration
Caused a slight mutation
In the rift
It's awful domination
Left the people running for the hills
But the mutants that I see
Shine their beauty unto me
I wish you could see them

Tectonic tribulation
Formed a crust of green beyond the reef
Waves fell in formation
Cause the plants to bend with spi-ked leaves
I'm growing with the land
Time has taken my hands and let me touch them

Hey, hey,
A billion miles to Mark A
Lay on the lawn, he's already home
When the morning ray hits his face

Transdermal celebration
Jets flew in formation
I could see them
Dropping the crustaceans
Leaving trails of flames in their wake
But where is the mutation
Who once told me it was safe, I can't find him

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    Well so far I feel unsure of the actual meaning. I've read everything from drug references, to war, to end of the world. Ill give my opinion, but only the artist truly knows. I believe its about a merging of an alien culture with humans, just before a tribulation of society. To me, the video was powerful, and as someone else from another site stated, I still can't shake the eerie feeling I get when I see the part where " the waves fell in formation ". In fact, I went two months without hearing it, because I was so startled from the implications. I also am unsure if the " hey hey a billion miles to mark a" what is mark a? Originally thought I was hearing " hey hey a billion miles from our cave" but I'm still unsure.
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