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Webb Wilder – Human Canonball lyrics

Saw the add in the paper
Said the hell with it all
Took a gig with the circus
As the human cannonball

It didn't take long
To learn my trade
Very first show man
I blew the folks away
Now the jobs a litte risky
But I'm my own boss
I gotta tell ya jack
It really gets me off

I live in a tent with
The worlds strongest man
When I met the mother
Like to broke my hand
My baby she's a lady
In the high wire act
When I'm feeling tense
She walks on my back

Now the pays ok
The benefits are great
I get to shoot the bull
With the worlds smartest ape

Ahh hahhh
I'm the human cannonball
I'm the human cannonbaaaa-all yall

Well I'm a hot shot
I'm a cool breeze
Underneath the big top
I'm the big cheese
I lay it on the line
Let it all hang
When I go least I know
I'll go with a bang

I reckon I'm living
Every kids dream
It's a buzz it's a gas
It's a real scream

Ahh hahhh
I'm the human cannonball
I'm the humman cannon baaaa-all yall


Alright folks just make yourself at home
Have a snow cone and enjoy the show

They put me on the cover
Tell the world what the
Human cannonball got to say
On the Carson show
They sayin' "HC...
What you do you got to be
Right out of your tree"

Well it's a little risky
But I'm my own boss
I got to tell you John
It really gets me off

Ahh hahhh
I'm the human cannonball
I'm the human cannonbaaa-all yall

I'm the human cannonball
I'm the human cannonbaaa-all yall


Now blast off!
I said... Blast Off

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