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Warrior Soul – Star Ride lyrics

Touch down I'm the space arrival
Carrier of a modern style
Chrome trash and the streets are blazin'
Monochrome flash and my mind is grazing
I gotta rocket to the sonic sideshow
Hit the gas, man I'm ready to mind blow
Dream on the tragic set
Gonna fly like a sonic jet
You're gone, turn it on
C'mon man, it's fabulon
You're gome like a kiss
C'mon man, it's fabuless
You're never gonna cry
Did ya ever wonder why
You're never gonna die
Star ride

Monitor me, beam and lock on
When I fly, it's got to be mach one
I'm a satelite rockin' in orbit
I love your world, man and watchin' you blow it
I put a smile on five billion faces
Communicate addict in phases
Bright chrome, all alone
Shattered lives in the killing zone
Star light, cryin' love
Screaming out dead sky above
Ride on the solar breeze
Acid queen on the dream disease
'Coz you know
You're on another level
You know
They're never gonna tell ya
You know
Ya better get ready ta
Star ride
You're never gonna die

Rocket priest for the sonic religion
Laminated love for the plastic forgiven
I'm acid punk man, now I'm affected
You're primitive but now you're addicted
Bright chrome, all alone
(Monochrome flash and my mind is crazin')
Shattered lives in the killing zone
(I hit the gas and I'm ready to blaze in)
Star light, cryin' love
(I'm the best that you've seen yet)
Screaming out dead sky above
(I'm coming down fast man, you got a bet)
'Coz you know
As you run into the sky
You know
You never get to cry
You know
Did ya ever wonder why
You know
You're never gonna die
Star ride

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