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War – Spill The Wine lyrics

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    I always heard it "spill the wine and dig that girl". So like I was eating wa-a-a-y too much acid back then.
    Oh pearl, right, okay. It's reference to tantra yoga.
    Anyway -- the idea is that in s**, the male refuses to climax, and instead causes the female to o****m multiple times. This supposedly does two things, besides getting awfully wet, that is. The female "spills" some kind of energy like "wine" that the male absorbs. This energy, the flames, goes up the whachamacallit thru all the chakras, causing all manner of sensation, until it hits the brain, and then the male achieves "god consciousness" and is immortal, at least, for a few seconds. This is called taking the pearl.
    It's a natural buzz, and, well, you know, there are worse ways to spend a sunday afternoon.
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