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Walker Hayes – Without Loving A Woman lyrics

Songwriters: Haselden, Tony; Hayes, Walker

Well, last night I had a dream that I was a star
Watchin' the world glow in the dark
A million miles away
Yeah, I was chillin' out in space

I heard a little voice from out of the blue
He said, "I hear Earth is pretty cool
"And that life on it
"Is 'bout as crazy as it gets"

I said, "I been there, and you heard right"
He said, "Ya got any tips
"'Cause it looks like I'm on the next ship"
Well, I just shined for a second
And said, "Well, I reckon

"You oughta laugh so hard, your face gets tired
"Put on a sweatshirt fresh out the dryer
"Play on a team, sing in a choir
"And stand for somethin'

"Check out the Beatles, Bach, and Bocephus
"Build your house on a rock named Jesus
"Try the beer and cherish every breath you breathe
"And don't you leave
"Without loving a woman"

Suck on a honeysuckle flower and a muscadine
Blow the little things off a dandelion
And learn how to whistle
Keep it Mayberry simple

Swallow your pride, but never your tears
Don't be afraid of nothin' but fear
Chase dreams like lightnin' bugs
Grow old, but don't grow up
And just because you can't look out and see the wind
Don't mean it ain't worth believin' in

Forgive and forget
But don't forget

To watch "Old Yeller" and read "Huck Finn"
Climb a live oak and go out on a limb
Get a chili dog at the do-drop in
And some banana puddin'

Check out the Beatles, Bach, and Bocephus
Build your house on a rock named Jesus
Try the beer and cherish every breath you breathe
And don't you leave
Without loving a woman

Well, I woke up to her sweet sleepy smile
And just laid there being grateful for a little while
I kissed her on the cheek and said, "Mornin', honey"
Then I whispered to the baby kickin' in her tummy

"Well, give your old man and your mama a break
"Drop by your granny's for a couple tea cakes
"Make friends, make mistakes, and learn from 'em

"Check out the Beatles, Bach, and Bocephus
"Build your house on a rock named Jesus
"Heaven's waitin', but cherish every breath you breathe
"And don't you leave
"Oh, whatever you do, don't you leave
"Without lovin' a woman"

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