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Victor Wooten – Singing My Song lyrics

Walking down the street
People that I see
Turn around and walk the other way.

I don't want no trouble
Stay in my own little bubble
That's a game I don't wanna play.

U can call me what u want.
I don't even know your name.
But Oooo my dear
Won't u hear me loud and clear?
I love u. I love u just the same.

(Chorus) I'm just singing my song
Hoping we get along, someday.
(Can't we get along, just get along?)
Then we all will be free.
U be u I'll be me, OK?

One says to the other
That u're my brother
Just as long as u look like me.

It would be a little better
If we all would sing together,
Harmonize in the same key.

The day is coming soon,
The day we will all understand.
But until we do, I will keep loving u
And then I'll see u in another land.


Walking down the street one day
Everybody looked at me and turned the other way.
Tell me what did I do? What did I say?
What, is my hair too long? Did I do something too wrong? Do u not like my song?

I know I sing out of tune. I can auto fix it real soon.
I'm just a bass player not a singer. Not a talker just a thinker.
I guess I'll think for 2 beats.
1, 2 that was fun. Now I'm done.

Why u have to call me that name?
Can't u see that we're all the same?
Well if u can't see it who's the blame?

Just because I'm darker and u're lighter
Doesn't make me wronger and u righter.
Sometimes I laugh and I don't know why for
But I know I don't wanna cry no more.

Uh Oh. Gotta go. Somebody's knocking at my door.
And it's time that we all get along
'Cause I'm tired of singing this song!


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