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Vengeance Rising – The Damnation Of Judas And The Salvation Of The Thief lyrics

Let us now look upon, a situation from to learn
Judas and the thief, one to heaven, one to burn
Not too long ago, and in a land not far away
One was saved one was lost, this is history

Judas was religious, stay away from that mask
The thief was truly guilty, and here is where it's at
Once you understand that, guilty before God all we are
You can receive forgiveness, in repentance at the cross

Judas was never a true friend, just pushing his own glory
Smiling in your face, stabbing you in the back, "doing this for God" is his
Sitting on that paper throne, elevated oh so high
Well now the match's been lit, later days to the empire of lies

The thief on the other hand knew a wrong from a right
Doing wrong much of the time and sometimes doing right
But he recognized the truth when he spoke to Jesus Christ
His deeds had nothing to do with it, he'd never earn heaven as a right

The damnation of Judas and the Salvation of the thief

As for Judas in the scheme of things, as this point it's just a matter of
Hanging from the rope he spoke, the witness does not lie
The facts are in and the veredicts out - and it cannot be denied
He sealed his fate with and act of friendship - betrayer - no friend of mine

The thief in the situation, knowing he deserved to die
Called out to Immanuel, Lord remember I
I come to you, with nothing more than the wretched man I am
Guilty in my iniquities deserving only to be damned

It's for your sins I am Crucified, the Spirit confirmed time and again
The thief in his pain had joy in his heart - forgiveness it was his
On his way to heaven he still had to deal the situation
Understand that you bring nothing in repentance which merits salvation

The damnation of Judas and the Salvation of the thief

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