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Vanilla Sky – Umbrella lyrics

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    It's just after 4 am. Another night of anguish in my thoughts regarding the recent break down of my relationship with my soul mate. I know he is that. My soul mate and life partner. And I know that my mission was to help him. To help him remember who he really is. Because it would be the power from that realisation, where change on a large scale, could be possible. Tonight, a friend said the words. "So you just give up on him, if he doesn't change to become your vision of expectation..." I was horrified! My soul was rattled by those words. Because it knew who my love really was. And my soul would never give up on him! And when that realisation surfaced to consciousness. I realized that I had been so busy pointing out how terrible he was at being human, at how his mis-trust of the world - understandably born from the hand he had been dealt, was making him negative. Allowing the dark to become him. That my very own argument, was the obstacle responsible for making him forget. And as passionate as I had once been in the knowledge of my mission, I had become just as passionate about my argument. In turn, forgetting who I was. Losing my own baring and direction.
    So through the course of this evening's journey to this understanding, I was lead by what I believe to be guided thoughts, to reading the lyrics of this song. And I was greatly surprised to see that it embodied fully, the change and shift required of me, to complete my mission. It confirmed all the realisations I have experienced this evening about where I need to act from now. No matter how hard it's raining. I will never give up on him. He is part of my entity. And we risked coming here for our purpose, walking through the veil of forgetfulness, that we may get lost. But together we agreed to do this. And would try as hard as we could to continuously be that beacon for each other. To try and look out for and acknowledge always, the beacons of guided help from others who are with us too, all the while, keeping vigilant to our mission of light. Now I know. I made that promise, to you my soul mate, and I will stick it out to the end. Till forever. Till our light can shine bright together. I will always be there. I will wait for you to remember. Re - member! In love and light. Please re - member.
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