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Vanessa Hudgens – I Gotta Go My Own Way lyrics

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Submitted bymileyemily2310


  • c
    I like this song because it is very good. But it makes me sad. It reminds me of something. But anyways, this song is about sadness. Troy doesn't want Gab to leave. But Gab wants to leave because everything is going wrong for them. So when Gab sings this song, Troy wants to say "sorry" but it's too late. Troy and Gab got to go separate ways sooner or later.
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  • u
    I think that this song is really is saying that sometimes you have to go your own way to find your True Self but even though it's hard in life. There will always be obstacles in life that we may not like them you just have to go your own way to figure it all out and sometimes it's a good thing.
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  • g
    This song means a felt broken heart when a girl has to go somewhere with their own family leaving their own true lover boy out of nowhere to be found and be separated as though it had become very sad and it hurts really bad too! I would not be crying if I see and watch this music video that will break my heart for a reason and I would not leave my own boyfriend alone and I will be with my own boyfriend forever! :-(!
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  • u
    This song is a girl who loves to sing with troy but I still love this sho troy is a basketball player and is the team captian. Gabriella is a singer and smart. Sharpay is like fabulos and love to shop. Chad super hot basketball player like troy. Rain hes a trader. He go to widcats to sarpay. Anyway I love this show love you gabriella and troy. Lol best show.
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  • j
    Hey my name is breanne and I'm from florida I watched hsm 1 2 and 3 I listen to ashley's music and vannessa's I have wii sing it and I have sung the song bet on it like 10 to 20 times I love yall so much and hope to be as good as you 1 day. When I 1st watched hsm2 I wanted to keep watching it over and over cuz I loved it so much hsm3 was my favorite I love the song scream by zac I have all his songs from hsm and I love them all yall rock. Gotta find my own way I think is were sometimes you think ur in a safe place and you have a good time bring there but 1 day you have to leave and draw the straw like vanessa did to ashley before she started singing she said to ashley ' you can't look in the mirror long enough to clear the damage left behind' I thought that was true becuase she does do some pretty bad stuff in the movie but shes not like that in real life I hope or I think lol well you guys rock!
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