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Vado – Womens Threats lyrics

My team, my set, my fam
My dreams, my checks, my plans
My knees, my respect, my stand
My jeans, my sweats, my pants
My keys, my lex, my van
My weed, my ex, my grams
My please, you ain't sex my man
You a tease bitch you not hard

Just because I take you out
But you let me break your back
Plus I got a safe in your house
And I got wait in your...
The longer I wait I'm out
Gave you what make you shop
Tear your clothes, break you down
This I... break it down, slum, ha!

My bills, my trips, my cash
My wills, my tits, my ass
My heels, my fix, my bags
My deals, my chicks, my pass
Who square, who snitch, who brag?
My spills, my gifts, my bads
He's still just sit relax
Don't leave, baby I'm not
Ever gonna do it again
Never gonna screw with your friend

Never take back the jewels in your benz
Never break the rules cause one...
Never turn around your smile
Less 100 was fine
How are we make it now
This I... break it down, vado

My pain, my struggles, my game
My room, my gossip, my name
My battles, my l's, my wins
My air... my sins
My courage, my strength, my heart
My passion, my world, my life
My focus, my level, my goals
Nigga please, if you don't stop
I'm gonn have to get revenge
On enemies that pray for my end
And I'm gonn have to go so hard
Can't let them get the best of me
And I'm gonna have to watch my back
Cause they ain't gonna take my life
Cause we... burn your house
Your whole family gonn make it out, whoa
You could take it as a... threat

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