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Us3 – Sheep lyrics

Walking, thinking, feeling, responding
Uncovering and discovering new things about myself
And this mad world around me
Many philosophies, many tongues, many dialects and tones
Different styles but wild is wild
Calm is calm, but cool is mature

Most cool cats are kids at heart
Now there's business along with the art
A chef with words, a chef with herbs
A chef with vegetables, soy products and bean curd

Some look at my face and say, “You're quite absurd”
And I say, “Why, cause I'm not down with the herd?”

Of the world I haven't seen much
But with the mind I escape the ghetto's clutch
Loose cigarettes, ass bets on celo games
Abandoned cars and colorful names on walls

Suburb days were filled with sun rays
And crooked cops who looked at me sideways
Singin' that same old song
Where ya from, cause here you don't belong
Long strolls unravel my soul like a scroll
Telling many stories untold

Some look at my face and say, “You're quite absurd”
And I say, “Why, cause I'm not down with the herd?”

I an' I light up the sky, who be the sun
To stir up your adrenaline like African drums
Status quo, no, along with the grain, no
I got my own flow

Similar to none, dangerous like itchy fingers on guns
Yet graceful like swans but there's a built in bomb
Must defuse, must choose, right or wrong, win or lose
Born to die, that's why I ask, “Why is it so hard to get a piece of the pie?”

Some look at my face and say, “You're quite absurd”?
And I say, “Why, cause I'm not down with the herd?”

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