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Uncle Murda
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Uncle Murda

Self Made lyrics

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Uncle Murda – Self Made lyrics

I batter up the streets, berserk
Niggas ain't out here, putting in work
It's way about time to twerk

I'm from the bottom
I was right, niggas ain't gon'get me
It's cool, I got them, I got popping,
Now they feeling shitty
I got my self payed Diddy, and the Rubens
Since that,
If you a self made nigga than you fuckin wit fast
Men do what they say, and say what they mean
Stand on my own two feet, nuts hang in between
I'da came up, and I got my aim up (powder)
These fake real niggas, got the game fucked up(word)

Who y'all want me to pick on
Give me a rapper(name)
(Pick one!)
I will talk about his grandma
About his brother, about his kids
I'm so disrespectful, man
Damn, what they won't do to a nigga
Not a motherfucking thang
I don't care if they got the red or blue bandana
Tied around their head
Then I complain
I am the realest shit coming outta New York
But they sleeping on me
Like I don't do records with J
Wo, my rap sheet soldier
I have shooters with the big bang bang bang
My nigga, I was hoping
Don't pull us here into women and lil' kids

I'm about that action
I know y'all can feel my energy
I have never do a song or take a picture with a nigga
That was once my enemy
I ain't the most lyricsl
But you can't front, the nigga clever
As far as this rap shit go
I wanna be remembered for saying the realest shit ever


The police, the D. A. And the judge so racist
They been sober in court and throw us high behind cages(?)
They so racist, it never be a crime of vice
They so racist.
I'm from a place that you're not s'posed to make it
If you ain't got your gun on you, you considered naked
When opportunity present it self, you take it
You ain't front, man
You got a big chain on, I'mma take it
Then take it to the pawnshop for money exchanging
I'm a regular, know the owner on a first name basis
A lot of niggas front, but they scared of closed cases
With the cuffs goin' on their wrist, they give up information
Oh, they cam't take it, same thing they pull the trigger with(?)
No statements(oh, they couldn't take it)
Always telling 'em how much time the judge gon' give 'em
That 20 years to life, all that thug life wasn't in 'em


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