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Tyler The Creator – Yonkers lyrics

[Verse 1]
I'm a f-ckin' walkin' paradox, no I'm not
Threesomes with a fuckin' triceratops, Reptar
Rappin' as I'm mockin' deaf rock stars
Wearin' synthetic wigs made of Anwar's dreadlocks
Bedrock, harder than a muthaf-ckin' Flintstone
Makin' crack rocks outta pussy nigga fishbone
This nigga Jasper tryna get grown
About five-seven of his bitches in my bedroom
Swallow the cinnamon, I'mma scribble this sin and shit
While Syd is tellin' me that she's been gettin' intimate with men
Syd, shut the fuck up
Here's the number to my therapist
Tell him all your problems, he's fuckin' awesome with listenin'

Wolf Haley, Golf Wang

[Verse 2]
Jesus called, he said he's sick of the disses
I told him to quit bitchin', this isn't a fuckin' hotline
For a fuckin' shrink, sheesh I already got mine
And he's not fuckin' workin', I think I'm wastin' my damn time
I'm clockin' three past six and goin' postal
This the revenge of the dicks, that's nine cocks that cock nines
This ain't no V Tech shit or Columbine
But after bowlin', I went home to some damn Adventure Time
(What'd you do?) I slipped myself some pink Xanies
And danced around the house in all-over print panties
My mom's gone, that fuckin' broad will never understand me
I'm not gay, I just wanna boogie to some Marvin
(What you think of Hayley Williams?)
Fuck her, Wolf Haley robbin' 'em
I'll crash that fuckin' airplane at that faggot nigga B.o.B is in
And stab Bruno Mars in his goddamn esophagus

And won't stop until the cops come in
I'm an over achiever, so how 'bout I start a team of leaders
And pick up Stevie Wonder to be the wide receiver
Green paper, gold teeth and pregnant gold retrievers
All I want, fuck money, diamonds and bitches, don't need 'em
But where the fat ones at, I got somethin' to feed 'em
In some cookin' books the black kids never wanted to read 'em
Snap back, green ch-ch-chia fuckin' leaves
It's been a couple months, and Tina still ain't permed her fuckin' weave, damn

[Verse 3]

They say success is the best revenge
So I beat DeShay up wit a stack of magazines I'm in
Oh not again another critic writing report
I'm stabbin any bloggin' faggot hipster wit a pitchfork
Still suicidal I am
I'm Wolf, Tyler put this fuckin knife in my hand.
I'm Wolf, Ace gon put that fuckin hole in my head
And I'm Wolf, that was me who shoved the cock in your bitch
(What the fuck man?) Fuck all the fame and the hype G
I jus wanna know if my father would ever like me
But I don't give a fuck so he prolly jus like me
A motherfuckin goblin
(Fuck everything man) that's what my said then the bunny
Jumped off my shoulder now mii conscience dead now the only
Guidance I had is splattered on cement
Actions speak louder than words lemme try this shit

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Submitted byThaKiiid


  • u
    Yeah, deshay used to be a member of odd future, actually. The next line about stabbing journalists with a pitchfork is a stab (no pun intended on my part) at pitchfork media giving his early work nitpicky/art-snob reviews. (basically what the site is infamous for.)
    Many ask who sid is; it's syd. The only female of member, aka syd tha kyd. (not sid vicious/ect) she with mike g, also of, make a side project; the internet. (and imo, is very stellar work, she is a great vocalist, the internet lp went unnoticed mostly.).
    Um look, all of it and every other song by him (and all of members' work for the most part; frank ocean is the most "separate" member.) is inside jokes/references/ect. Most everyone knows every other line literally contradicts itself, its a convo with his alter ego, ect. Spend a few hours on google & tumblr & you'll get most of the deeper references.
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