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Two Door Cinema Club – Undercover Martyn lyrics

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    I think it's about a girl who's just trying to fit in, and that was her mission, and now she's realising that maybe it's not what she really wants but perhaps it's too late because she's trying to hide away (to hide in the basement, somewhere dark no one would find her) but people are still looking for her and they will find her (again, because obviously she tried to get away from the crowd before) and she's ill because she can't take it anymore, she's tired of being fake just to feel like she belongs in a crowd.
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    I think this guy, martyn, likes this girl who "speaks word of wisdom", but he's too scared to talk to her/ask her out, so he hides in the basement. (maybe not literally, metaphoricly) the "many surprises" is either meant to be sarcasm, or it means it's great to be confident and outgoing.
    The "to the basement people" bit is his friends, who know where he's hiding and encourage him to talk to her. "being sick on the car seat" is him being sick with anxienty, and his "mission" is to talk to the girl.
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    I thinks it is about a guy (say, Martyn) to whom a girl, which he likes, said cold harsh words. These cold words melted in his hot hopeful hands. What the girl said to the guy had a strong impression on him. He is probably very sensitive to what people say to him and therefore, like many times before, he hid in the basement. Therefore, as he had donde it before his friends already knew where he was and they went there to cheer him up and remind him that you only fail when you give up. The mission was to make the girl like him and the friends were trying to make the guy go back out, stop isolation and go back to the real world and fighting for the girl.
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    The person that says its catchy but has no deep meaning is the one that is on crack. Songs can mean different things to different people so there is no right or wrong answer. That is what makes music an amazing form of art. You develop your own meaning and ideas based on your own experiences and past. Music can also convey other things like emotion that are also unique from person to person. I am on board with the idea that the song is about a guy that digs a girl but is too afraid to talk to her. Sounds logical.
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