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Twisted Sister – Day Of The Rocker lyrics

I wanna tell ya 'bout it
A time is comin'
Just 'round the corner
We don't have very long to go
When we'll be stronger
Our days will be longer
It's comin' soon it might be tomorrow
Can't you feel the power
It's all around and deep down inside
Our numbers growin'
Soon we'll be showin'
We've got the right to rule
We won't be denied
So raise your hands in the air
And I want you to tell the world all about

The day of the rock-rock-rock-rocker
The day of the rock-rock-rock-rocker
The day of the rock-rock-rock-rocker

Oh, come on fingers turn me loose
Oh yeah
Straight from the heart baby
Oh, come on fingers take it home
All right take it down boys

Your time is comin'
So you be ready
To show the world to rock 'n' roll
We'll show them feelin'
We'll send them reelin'
They'll know we've got the music in our control
We'll be in our glory
We'll stand tall ruling over the land
We'll live forever
And then we'll never
Give up the power once it's in our hands
So 'til our day has come, baby
I want you all to raise your battle cry

The day of the rock-rock-rock-rocker
The day of the rock-rock-rock-rocker
The day of the rock-rock-rock-rocker
Ahhh, ain't nobody gonna stop us now
Let's go
Yeah, I want you to move your mouth now
You gotta shout baby, you gotta scream

I'll tell you what what I'm singin' man
I'm singin' the day of the
Yeah, everybody's gonna be singin' like this
Hey you in the back
Whatcha you doin' wackin' off or somethin'

Come on
Oh yeah, let it go
Let it go, go go, go go, go go...

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