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Harumahn nibahng eui chim nae gah dwei goh shipuh (oh baby)
[kim jae joong]
Duh ddah seu hee poh geun hee nae poom eh gahm ssah ahn goh [muht jin oui moh kim jae joong]
Jae oo goh shipuh

Ah joo jahk eun dwei chuhk eem doh [bak yoo chun]
Nuh eui choh geu mahn sohk sahk eem eh
Nahn ggoom sohk eui gwei mool doh ee gyuh nae buh reel tehn deh [choi goh mae nuh bak yoo chun]

Nae gah uhp neun nuh eui hahroon [kim jae joong]
Uh duh geh heul ruh gah neun guhn jee
Nah reul uhl mah nah sarang hah neun jee
Nahn nuh moo nah goong geum hahn deh (goong geumhae~) [dongbangshingi]

Nuh eui jahk eun suh rahm sohk eui [kim joon soo]
Eel gee jahng ee dwei goh shipuh
Ahl soo uhp neun nuh eui geu bee meel doh
Nae mahm sohk eh dahm ah dool rae
Nuh mohl rae [mahl geun young hohn kim joon soo]

- (during music) -

[choi gahng ehm buh_kim jaejoong_jung yoonho_bak yoochun_kim joonsoo_shim changmin_dongbangshingi jjang!]

Hah roo mahn nuh eui goh yahng ee gah dwei goh shipuh [uh reen wahng jah shim chang min]
Nee gah joo neun mahd eet neun oo yoo wah
Boo deu ruh oon nee poom ahn eh suh [shim chang min]
Oom jeek ee neun jahng nahn eh doh
Nuh eui gwei yuh oon eem maht choom eh
Nah doh ool rae jeel too reul
Neu ggee doh ee suh nah bwah [kah ree soo mah jung yoon ho]

Nae mah eum ee ee ruhn guh yah
Nuh bahk gehn bohl soo uhp neun guh jee
Noogoo reul bwah doh uh dee ee suh doh
Nahn nuh mahn bah rah boh jahn hah [dongbangshingi]

Dahn ha roo mahn ah joo chin hahn [shim chang min]
Nuh eui ae een ee dwei goh shipuh [uh reen wahng jah shim chang min]

Nuh eui jah rahng doh ddae rohn too juhng doh
Dah deul eul soo ee seul tehn deh
Nuhl wee hae

In my heart in my soul
Nah eh geh sarang ee rahn
Ah jeek uh saek hajimahn
Ee seh sahng moh deun guhl nuh eh geh joo goh shipuh
Ggoom eh suh rah doh []

Nae mah eum ee ee ruhn guh yah [uh reen wahng jah shim changmin]
Jee kyuh bohl soo mahn ee suh doh
Nuh moo kamsa hae mahn hee hengbok hae
Nah joh geum eun boo johk hae doh [kim joon soo]

Uhn jeh ggah jee nuh eui gyuht eh
Yuhn een eu roh eet goh shipuh
Nuh reul nae poom eh (nee gah nae poom eh)
Gah deuk ahn eun chae
Geud uh buh ryuh seu myuhn shipuh
Young wohn hee. []

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  • lhianne
    lhianneNov 3, 2010 at 1:10 am
    I want to be your bed in your room for just a day
    I want to make you go to sleep, comfortably, warmly in my arms
    for you, I'd win over all your problems and all your busy errands,
    Even the monster in your dream

    I wonder how a day without me passes by for you
    Im so curious to how much you really love me

    I want to be your diary in your little drawer
    I want to put all your secrets in my heart, without you knowing

    I want to be your kitty for just a day
    You feed it warm milk and softly embrace it

    Seeing your playfulness with the cat and your cute kisses to it
    I guess I even felt a little jealous

    (Yoochun) My heart is like this...
    (Junsu) You're the only person who can see it
    (Yoochun) No matter who I see, or where I am,
    (Junsu)I only look at you

    I want to be your close lover just for a day
    I'd be able to listen to your accomplishments and even your complaints
    Just for you

    In my heart, in my soul
    Love is still something thats awkward to me but
    I want to you give you everything in this world
    Even if it would only be in my dreams

    My heart is like this
    Just the fact that I can watch over you,
    Makes me so grateful, Im so happy, even if I lack a lot

    I want to be your lover forever
    When you are in my arms, I want to become stone
    So we can stay this way forever

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