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Tupac Shakur – Ghetto Gospel lyrics

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  • Gladstone
    Imager is the song creates a mental image about the poems subject sight, taste, touch, sound and smell. And the red sun sinks at last into the hills of gold and peace to this young warrior without the sounds of guns. The imager in this lyric is sight and sound.
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  • Gladstone
    Assonance is the repetition of vowel sound in two or more words in the line of poem or song. An example is, "When I write rhymes, I go blind."
    Repetition is a word or phrase repeated within a line or stanza. An example is ghetto gospel. These are his beliefs and points about stopping drugs, crime and violence in the hood. He understands the struggles of these people because this is how he grew up. Tupac wants people to find peace and end the war on the streets. He chose to repeat this because he wanted people to have there own ghetto gospel.
    The rhyme scheme of the first stanza is aabccddeeefffff.
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  • Gladstone
    Alliteration is the repetition of an initial (beginning) sound or consonant in two or more words next to each other in a line. An example is "Ghetto Gospel".
    Mood is the feeling a poem or song creates for the reader or listener. The feeling this song gave me is inspired. "Those who wish to follow me, I welcome with my hands" is an example of this feeling.
    Tone is the attitude a poet takes toward their subject, the tone of is song is upbeat. "But am I less holy Cause I choose to puff a blunt and drink a beer with my homies."
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