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Tub Ring – Farm Boy lyrics


Hey, uh huh
My pap and ma
I semll real bad
And I might look like a slob

I might offend you
But I'm doing my job
I always wake up
At a quater to four

So you can buy
You eggs and milk
At your favorite
Grocery store

You see for you
I'm farm boy
It's what I do

My breakfast sits
It's a heapin' bowl of grits
Then out the door
Onto my next chore

I can't remember
When my routine has changed
I guess to city folk like you
I must sound awful strange

You see for you
I'm farm boy
It's what I do

I had a dream about
The cows this morning
When Betty-Lou woke me
Told me I was snoring

What do I see
A dozen more chores for me
So now you know it's off I go

I milk the cows
And then I get grime on me
So I take myself a shower
And I brush my teeth

You see for you
I'm farm boy
It's what I do

Auction for Farm Boy's overalls
Sold over there
To the man with the eye
That knows the value of thrift

So once again I'll say
That farm boy is your friend
From me to you
That's what I do

You see for you
I'm farm boy
It's what I do

Ha ha

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