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Tsar – Band - Girls - Money lyrics


I've seen the President's feet when he walks down the street...
He's gotta stovepipe hat, he's got wooden teeth
Gonna make a big scene with a nuclear bomb gonna rent a limousine with his sunglasses on
His girlfriend's name is Kathy Fong
She blew his mind from the here beyond
She sold him out to the LSC, they cleaned him up, put him on T.V. and that's why, I wanna testify
It's as easy as this! He's gonna show up and get his kicks!

He's got the band, (the band) the girls (the girls), the money
He's got the band, (the band) the girls (the girls), the money

They threw him up cuz they could not wait
to see his bent out face on a dinner plate
They shot his heart full of electrolights but check the calibration was not quite right
Well that's right! He's lie'n on the floor and then they want somemore
He's flying high and looking bored!

He's got the band (the band), the girls (the girls), the money
He's got the band (the band), the girls (the girls), the money
Oh no!


Everyone will rock Los Angeles
Ya gotta live with your mom and dad!
This Gustav is a lie'n, love is alive, get while the gettin's good! Heartbreaker!

He's got the band, the girls, the money. He's got the band, the girls, the mon...(ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ey)!
Hey, I saw a letter from you! It's got profit and why it's wrong! And it's time to shed your skin! And then it said to light this war!
I said, he's got the band!

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