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Trick Daddy – Gods Been Good lyrics

Another anthem for the thugs
Dade County's finest

Look what God done gave me
Look what God done done
And even though I'm thuggin'
God been good to me

On everything I love, I'm a thug
I done considered a change but what for (What for?)
Alla my homies in pen fields
I can't be lying to them, if I'm ridin' for them
I gotta tell 'em how it really is
Alotta things done changed since last year
Nope the crib and the same no more
And these young niggas don't respect the game no more
They don't see your name no more
They doin' they own lil' thangs though
Committin' sins, they know they get hanged for
But nigga God is straight, for as long as you keepin' it straight
Keep believin' in him and you'll be leavin' with him
So in Jesus' name I pray for better thangs
If you help me Lord my heart'll never change
And y'all pray wit me
Huh, huh-huh
'Fore they come get me and then come get cha

Look what God done gave me
Look what God done done
And even though I'm thuggin'
God been good to me, good to me
Look at all my money
Look at all I've done
And even though I'm thuggin'
God been good to me, good to me

[Verse 2:]
I could've been Asian, Bohemian
Puertorican, Jamaican
Could've been Cuban, Columbian or Haitian
Could've been Japanese, Chinese or Guayanese
Could've been from overseas or the West Indies
Could've been anything but God made me black
Could've had anything but God gave me stacks
While he was givin' me that he said remember you're black
Whatever you spend on your momma I be gettin' it back
So as you see, a new watch and a Benz
And I'm still gettin' money wit my same old friends
Know this lady named Miss Pearl, my old girl
Raised all us, based all us
So, I'ma thank the Lord for her
Cuz you know where I'd be if it wadn't for her
I done learned a lotta things in this game, matter fact
Seen a lot of other other thangs that was strange
And there's a new game out called snitchin'
And it's obviously helped because these niggas keep tellin'
Lord please help me smell my thugs
So I can keep this in life, but free my niggas tonight
And I'ma thug on in memory of Hollywood
Think thug for life, cuz God's been good

[Hook:] - repeat 3X

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