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Trey Lorenz – Bust My Windows lyrics

Chheeka uhh songz
Whad up jasmine baby
This should get to ya ears (whoohooo)
Wanna let you know that ya album is great
Your my new favorite baybe

She bust the windows out my car.(songzz ehhyehhh)
My black Mercedes 22 inch rims
I know it's probably cuz I broke her heart
But right now I don't care about that part
She bust the windows out my car
Couldn't believe it when I saw my ride
That very moment then I knew it was her
Can't even trip because I know I deserve (uhherraherrve)

(Ahhh) I must admit it hurt a little bit (ahhahhuhh)
(Ahhh) Thinking how could I lead her to do this (ahhahhuhh)
I never thought that she had so much strength (ahhahhuhh)
But she's gonna see what happens whenehhhhnnn

You throw a brick into a playas wheel
It's gone get violent this oh childish
You probably say that it was worth your while
Well I hope you had a chance to smile

(Heemhee I can't believe this)

She bust the windows out my car
My black Mercedes 22 inch rims
Wrote her initials with a black crow bar
And when I find her I wont know where to start.
She bust a windows out my car (ahhhoo)
And man I'm lucky that, that's all she did
I gotta fix this aint this some bullshit
She bust my windowssssss
Out my car went to far just cuz the love thing we called ours
Fell apart but she didn't have to fuck up my car
But I aint no I aint gone trip spend a couple dollazz ima fix my shit
Girl you know that you done "F" up now
You threw a brick into a playas wheel
It's gone get violent girl just O childish
Shell probably say that it was worth her while
Mad as I am... All I can do Is smile... (haha)
She bust my windows... My black Mercedes
I know it's probably cuz I broke her heart
I must admit I care about that part

Relationship messed up bust a window busta
Baby we made for each other
Aint nothinn better than ya lovin and
Come back I need you bad like
Jasmine Sullivan
Ima puff till the indow gone
Riden in the whip with the windows gone
I can see ya gettin ya tip toe on
Quick throw the brick then dip she's gone
Off in the night all because of my lies
Why I can't get it right
I ride through the city lights with my head bent
Behind where use to be black tents
I don't know ya'll
Wrote her initials with a crow bar
That means shawty go hard
It was just a one night creep out
I didn't even take my sneaks off I swear
(Ahhhhhahh) I mean it's just a vehicle baby
We could throw fits throw bricksyou still gone be my chick
See I can deal with some crazyness
I mean you love me, come back home baby, come back home
I need you bad! Heyyehhh
We just vibe out, songs be over in a second don't trip
Just ride to the ahhhss
Hey hey hey hey.
She bust the windows out my car...

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