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Tramaine Hawkins – What Shall I Do lyrics

What shall I do
What step should I take
What move should I make
Oh Lord, what shall I do

I'm going to wait
For an answer from You
I have nothing to lose
Oh Lord, I'm going to wait

I know You'll come through
With a blessing for me
Please Lord set my soul free
Oh Lord, I know you'll come through

I can't live without Your help
I am weak all by myself
Lord please give me the strength I need
So I can possess eternal peace

[Choir: repeats]

No one else can calm my fears
God alone can wipe away my tears
Glory to the mighty king
In Jesus Christ I have everything

Oh there's no one like Jesus
Who can heal broken hearts
And put them back together again

What shall I do
What step should I take
What move should I make
Oh, Lord What shall I do

I'm going to wait
I know you'll come through

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Submitted byrafaelmoliv


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    This song has a very special meaning for me. It truly touches deep into my heart. I recently lost my daughter, whom died of heart complications, suddenly. My heart grieve for her, something awful, yet the tears will not flow. All the pain of losing her is still bottled up inside of my heart, even though it has been 1 yr. And 8 months. I recently suffered a stroke, because of severe high blood pressure, I feel, but my cardiologist feel its due to my daughter's passing. Please remember me in prayer, readers.
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  • r
    This song is very Biblical reminding one of the 21st Psalm in which David says that "God is his Shepherd" and that the Great Shepherd always has and ever will tenderly lead us forward.

    Of course in this case, Tramaine is talking about the steps we take in daily life where often relationships or huge problems seem overwhelming. Then we turn to God as little children to find out what to do.

    This is general or in other words: it can apply to any situation in our complicated life and no where does it say anything about race, color, politics or creeds.

    Here we see the need for patience and hope. Often when life seems too difficult, that is when, as she sings, we must turn to our Great Shepherd or to our Father-Mother God, our Savior, - expecting to find the answer we need.

    A mother does not deny reasonable requests from her beloved children, just so, Jesus has promised his aid and comfort in our lives if .
    IF we wait patiently and with faith.

    Tramaine Hawkins has sung so many powerful hymns which can lift us out of a pit of despair.

    Personally when I am feeling rather down, I sing along with this or other inspiring songs and then I feel better. “I surrender all to Jesus,” for example.

    [b]By ourselves[/b][i][/i] we may feel inadequate or even defeated. With the Savior's aid, we can stand up and go forward, refreshed with the promise of "[b]eternal peace[/b]".

    Or course all of this is from the Bible, Isaiah, Psalms, and above all the Gospel account of Jesus' life and works.
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