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Tony Yayo – In The Matrix lyrics

El chapo
Was in the lower cartel
Yayo we back

[Tony Yayo:]
45 acp it weigh 20 ounces
Actress staring at me like teleprompters
Hit the cell bad reception in the helicopter
I'm goin hard in the paint like waka flocka
Flip flop paint back seat hold the chopper
I only smoke the I'll if it's rolled proper
Ciga lower cartel make bail
With that kinda money you could break out the shells
Meth amphedamens shipment is headin north
Feds raid amatefa il set it off
6-50 tops off new body type
Uptown mami right she from the heights
She the snotty type, but my money long
Now I'm with her long slip her out her thong
New armani top is in the windsor knox
I got her higher than a snoop in a wiz block

[Chorus x2: Tony Yayo]
We hit sour, when are nerves twitch
M.o.b nigga fuck a bitch
Get rich or die tryin till I'm in a ditch
I'm in another world I'm in the matrix

Your macs is on a nigga and your bitch is wanting me
You think that it's the money but it really ain't the cream
It's actually cause your wife and it was jusnt another dean
See me in the void I'm in the matrix can't you see

Heavy links got them bricks in the low riders
They get in with more tricks than the globetrotters
The hate to bring it to the states cause it's on fire
Too many snitches niggas singing like they on choirs
I'm on point you can't fuck with the wrong buyers
Niggas scheming they ain't eatin like they on diets
Only seem me with the heater cause they might try me
Cause my looks could be the signal till they start flying

[Chorus x2]

I'm in another world I'm in the matrix
I'm in another world I'm in the matrix
I'm in the matrix
I'm in the matrix
I'm in another world I'm in the matrix
I'm in another world I'm in the matrix
I'm in the matrix
I'm in the matrix

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