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God Hates A Coward lyrics

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Tomahawk – God Hates A Coward lyrics

I've sewn my seed
Where the mandrake grows
No footsteps go beyond it

I'll eat the death
Where the rooster crows
Flesh rodeos, yee-haw it

Player, push in your teardrops
Make you a cyclops
Breaking the branches off your family tree

Keep you up like a fluffer girl
Ain't that enough with her?
Look in the sewer for my pedigree

(Mostly inaudible at this point)

Day by day, day... my day

Listen closer to your mother
You can hear her ocean roar
Sittin' quiet in the corner
Put another record on
God hates a coward, sonny
Got a date with your vcr?
Watch another action movie
Dream of me...

On the only piano
That wrote the fuckin' concerto
Shoot pool with your eyeballs
Rack 'em up

Make a meal of your asshole
Gnaw on your fat soul
Dunkin' your heart in my vinegar

(Mostly inaudible at this point)

Day by day, day... my day

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    The narrator in this song is sometimes identified as an abusive father scolding his son or a serial killer threatening a potential victim. These interpretations make some sense in a linear way, but to really understand god hates a coward you have to look at it as a series of abstract metaphors rather than a single, concrete story imo. It doesn't matter who the narrator is exactly, it's more about what the voice represents, which is the satanist/illuminati point-of-view. Hence the line "make you a cyclops", referring to the "all-seeing eye" that's often associated with the illuminati. This line also refers to the idea of causing someone to have "tunnel vision", thereby keeping other avenues hidden from their view. That's essentially what occult practice is, and that's what this song is alluding to.
    For more, read my post on the dig interpretations blog on wordpress.
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