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Tom Waits – A Sight For Sore Eyes lyrics

A sight for sore eyes it's a long time no see
Workin hard hardly workin, hey man you know me
Water under the bridge, did ya see my new car
Well it's bought and it's payed for, parked outside of the bar

*And hey barkeep what's keepin you keep pourin drinks
For all these palookas hey you know what I thinks
And we toast, to the old days and Dimaggio too
And (old) Drysdale and Maddoo, Whitey Ford and to you

Oh you know the old gang ain't around, everyone has left town
'cept for Thelma an' Giardina, said they just might be down
All half drunk all the time, and I'm all drunk the rest
Monk's still the champion, oh but I am the best


Guess you heard about Nash, he was killed in a crash
Oh that must of been two or three years ago now
Yeh he spun out and he rolled, hit a telephone pole
And died with the radio on
Flo she's married with a kid, finally split up with Sid
He's up north, Fort Nicklesworth for armed robbery
And I'll play you some pin-ball, no you ain't got a chance
Then go on over and ask her to dance


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