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Todd Snider – Doublewide Blues lyrics

Doublewide Blues
I got the Blues

V neck t-shirt with a mustard stain
Rollin' up a hose, outside in the rain
He's been my neighbor since 'bout seventy-nine
'Course he was in prison most of that time

Ever since then he just ain't been right
His old lady works days and they fight most night
Laid off and blown off, pissed off on booze
Doublewide Blues

Metallica song, blasting from three trailers down
It's them cut off t-shirt and numbchuck kids comin' around
Tonight they'll get drunk, try to get laid
End up in a fight, out behind some arcade

You know one a them little s***s, broke my window last spring
I told his Mama and she didn't do anything
She works two jobs, the boy runs loose
Doublewide Blues

Doublewide Blues
I got the Blues

My buddy Jimmy, his trailers cool
He got him a deck, with one of them, blue plastic pools
He works in construction, builds speck homes
His woman left him now, so, now he's down there, alone

My friend Anita, she loves him, he don't know
He's too busy chasing my neighbors wife Flo
Soap opera Heaven, without all the clues
Doublewide Blues

Doublewide Blues
I got the Blues

Wild Bill, the manager, he keeps to himself
The war took his smile, like 'em pills took his health
He is too old to run around with the Klan anymore
Still got a Confiderate flag hangin up outside his door

I sit here watchin' all this nothin' go on
I don't get out much since O Jay's been on
Sometimes it's nice havin' nothin' to lose
Sometimes Doublewide Blues

Doublewide Blues
I got the Blues

Doublewide Blues
I got the Blues

Take me home, boys, think I'm drunk

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